Monday, October 3, 2011

Event Conference Call Providers Vs Regular Telephone Companies

Event Conference Call providers are companies that allow business organizations to hold true web events & marketing seminars using their affordable telephone conferencing features.

These event conference call related companies usually offer standardized & flexible conference call solutions with the added advantage of universal access, call detail reporting & personal sub-conferences. Their user-friendly & automated conference related call systems facilitate efficient conversation between the audience & presenter. It enables the conference organizers to expand the reach of their event conferences thereby adding multiple speakers, panelists & audiences to them.

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Nowadays, event conference call related companies are making it possible for business organizations to make conference calls to a large number of people at anywhere in the world & keeping their international call rates lower than the normal telephone companies. They are committed to bring the customers affordable telephone conferencing service & therefore charge the local call rates for international calls. However, regular telephone companies can't always share the economical burden of business owners if they are using their service to make international calls.

Calling to overseas clients, associates & colleagues has more become a part of every business organization. The regular telephone companies take the call duration more seriously & often bill the customers at international call rate or per minute rate. The coference companies bring the same facility at subsidized rates & allow customers to talk for long. Thus it helps them save a lot of money on the made calls.

The conference related call service providers are using state-of-the art equipments for switching & routing along with a super fast fiber optic cabling connection to bring customers enhanced sound effect & less noise in conference calls. This enables businesses to hold their business events in a more structured conference atmosphere.

Several ways are there to get connected to call provider. However, dialing a toll free number, entering a code provided by your conference service provider will help you get connected easily.

The web conference call dial outs are the latest offer from the conference based call companies. With this automated online call service, business professionals will be able to make the calls for 24/7 with a greater flexibility.

Many telephone conferencing companies are offering event call services at an affordable cost to stay ahead of their competitors. Therefore, business organizations should take more time to find out an affordable telephone conferencing company offering highly personalized customer care service.

Before starting your search for a right conference call service provider, it is necessary to assess your business call requirements. These requirements may be regarding video, audio, data & web packages. Many affordable telephone conferencing companies are found having specialization in one more types of services. Once you come to know about your business call requirements and budget, you can go on searching for the best possible deal, ensuring that you know the terms & conditions of using their call service.

Again, you will also have to ensure that the companies do not have any hidden cost in the service charge & it does not get included in the bill of all those who will participate in your conference before registering for it. Some companies will also give video equipment, conferencing phones & software in their call services.

Event Conference Call Providers Vs Regular Telephone Companies

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Conferences on a Shoe-String Budget

The need to communicate instantly has arisen in recent times. No business today can afford to wait for too long. Time means money, and businessmen and businesswomen the world over are unwilling to let go of even a single opportunity to make profits. The speed of life has increased several-fold. As a result, no business can afford to hold on to the older methods of functioning. New age problems call for solutions that are more modern. Hence, business organizations have to move with the times and keep pace with the more recent business solutions. Among the various modern business solutions at our disposal today, conference calls are quite popular.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of conference calling in these days is the fact that it provides an economical means of carrying out discussions with people who are situated in various parts of the world. Globalization has changed the way in which we do business. The office is no longer limited to one single block in a particular city. It now spans across continents and oceans. As a result, the workforce is distributed across hundreds and thousands of miles. Hence, it is no longer viable to conduct meetings where the various delegates are flown in to a single destination. More importantly, we now have a number of more economical options.

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Imagine if you are flying in a delegate from another country. You will have to pay for the air fare. There will be the inevitable hotel expenses. Depending on how high up the delegate is, the hotel expenses will also swell. Then there will be the headache of transporting him/her from the hotel to the office or to wherever the meeting is to be held. By making use of the conference calling system, you can help your organization to save a considerable amount of money. When you are on a budget, conference calls are a good idea.

Now, most companies are keen to minimize their expenses so that the money thus saved can be used more productively. Thus, if you are looking for audio conferencing services, it would be a good idea to look out for services that fit your budget. With a little looking around, you should be able to come across some great offers. Remember that most conference calling services will give you good deals if they think you will give them good business. If you are on a budget, conference call services should provide you with a great bargain.

Conferences on a Shoe-String Budget

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top 5 Conference Call Service Providers Available?

In this world, call service providers are gaining more and more popularity. These services are very simple to use, and setting up the system is also not that difficult. The first thing that you need in order to set up a call service, also known as VoIP, you need to have a DSL or cable internet connection. The rest of the things are provided to you by the call service company. Setting up the software for this call service will only take a few minutes, and you can start making or receiving calls.

There are a lot of providers offering very good call service plans. You need to select the one that can meet your requirements. First of all, you need to make sure what do you really want and what type of calls you are going to make or receive. If you plan to make local and national calls, you should go for unlimited packages related to national calls, offered by almost every call service provider. If you are still using dial-up, you need to switch to DSL.

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Quality of the call service should be excellent and not all services providers offer excellent call quality. In such cases, you need to do a good research on the providers available in your area. There are lot of information available over the internet. You can also ask your friends, family and relatives about different providers of this service to ensure that you get the best one available. These service providers offer you low costs on long distance calls. Following are the top 5 providers available:

1. Skype

Skype is known to be the best and most famous of all the providers. It provides almost every facility offered by other providers such as call waiting, call forwarding and address book, free of cost. The thing that distinguishes Skype from other service providers is its free computer to computer features, which can be used from anywhere. It would not even cost you much by the end of the day.

2. iCall

Although iCall is considered to be a good call service provider, the call quality is not as good as Skype. It utilizes the existing internet connection and your PC in order to make calls. It also offers free customizable voice mail, call forwarding, incoming numbers, toll free numbers, caller ID, and free directory service.

3. Vonage

Vonage also offers the typical features as Skype and iCall. It also allows you to keep your existing telephone numbers. This service also offers you 30 days money back guarantee, just in case you are not satisfied.

4. offers an unlimited monthly calling plans to United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The installation is very easy but the customer support features are not satisfactory.

5. VoIP Buster

VoIP Buster is absolutely free of cost, and it uses the latest technology in order for you to make high quality calls.

Users can make pc-to-pc calls to their friends without paying anything for unlimited time.

There are innumerable conference call service providers available and you can learn more about them online. Moreover, you can select the one that meets your exact requirements.

Top 5 Conference Call Service Providers Available?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Business Advantages of Conference Calling Using the Internet

The Internet provides a practical venue for the conference call. With its low cost and ability to accomodate many listeners it is now practical to open a conference call to almost anyone (at least to listen). Many firms now do. For example, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal related how IOMEGA does this as an efficient way to control the irresponsible babble on Internet bulletin boards. People posting idle chatter now attract accurate responces from others who have heard the actual story on a conference call. As a result, the irresponsible postings are controlled.
Naturally, investment professionals complain that this allows the novice to access raw information that needs interpretation by someone more knowledgable - namely such a professional.

However, companies like the ability to make one public statement, and then be free from goverment limitations on how investment information must be released. And individual investors like it too, as access to this information gets them access to information that once only slowly reached the average investor. Even Chairman Levitt of the SEC sides with the theory of greater access for the masses. According to an article in the 24 May 1999 issue of the Wall Street Journal, the NASDAQ has even funded a pilot program to pay for public access to conference calls. Firms such as DELL and Cosco are early participants.

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Using the Internet has many advantages besides the instantaneous international release that results. It is possible to save the audio files so that the call can be accessed later at a more convenient time. Plus it would be possible to edit out meaningless portions to provide sort of a "Cliff Notes" of each conference. Naturally, there are some limitations. If everyone could ask a question, real brawls could result as the conferences became uncontrolled. So most Internet systems limit who can ask a question.
An outstanding advantage for the average investor is to witness directly a firm's management in action. While the information might be the same, an investor gains confidence in management that presents a virtuoso performane over one that is defensive, hesitant, and obfuscative. The details aside, the speed of responce and other items that don't get incorporated in an analyst's report can add a lot to one's understanding. Previously, a small investor's only such access might have been at a company's annual meeting.

Several firms have opened to provide investment-related conference-call services in one form or another over the Internet. Some require membership and user fees, but the trend seems to be toward company funding of the low cost service, and free or very low cost access by the public. According to the WSJ article mentioned above, firms now providing some for of access include: Vcall (Philadelphia), (Dallas), (Street Fusion, (San Fransisco), and (Boston). Expect that more and more firms will offer the public Internet conference call. Encourage firms you are interested in to do so. This form of communication is yet another form of ultimate corporate democracy.

The Business Advantages of Conference Calling Using the Internet

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grow Your Network Marketing Business - Six Ways to Leverage Conference Calling

Network Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), as it's also called, has become a very popular marketing and sales strategy for a large number of firms of all sizes. Highly skilled marketing professionals from around the world have joined the growing trend, and many successful campaigns have been launched, earning well for both marketers and the companies they represent.

Marketers who employ this strategy are constantly developing new and unique ways to get the most possible benefit from the network marketing model. All of the most popular forms of media are being tapped-television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet, and more.

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The key is to reach as many people as possible, at the lowest possible cost; and what sometimes distinguishes the more successful network marketers from their competition is the ability to identify and implement techniques that have not been used historically for network marketing.

Conference calling is one such approach. Many successful network marketers have found free conference calling to be a quick, easy way to reach a wide audience. Here are six important ways in which conference calling can significantly improve the effectiveness of your network marketing campaign.

1. Increased Access
Conference calling allows network marketers access to larger groups of people. With the wide array of very competitively priced or free conference call services on the market today, it is possible to reach large audiences at minimal cost. This is a good opportunity for network marketing, which relies on the ability to get a message out to as many people as possible.

2. Improve Marketing Options
Advanced conference calling services provide extremely versatile features, which greatly increase available marketing options. VoIP technology has made conference calling much more versatile in recent years, and new advances are being made available every day. Features such as call recording, dial-in-to-conference, question and answer scheduling, hosted conference calling, and others help make the process much easier.

3. Refine Targeting
Specifically targeted messages can easily be directed toward the correct audience, with a high level of accuracy. Many conference calling services allow you to limit access to your conference calls, so that only members of the network are able to access the system. Network marketers are also able to produce and disseminate specially developed messages to different groups in the network.

4. Enhance Sophistication
This provides a mechanism for enhanced sophistication; network marketers can develop systems with any number of different levels, and with this technology can manage the multiple levels without confusion.

5. Expand Secondary Levels
Ease of access to technology makes it easy for secondary levels in network selling models to reach out and create their own followings. The new generation of phone conference technologies is easy to use, making it relatively simple for top level marketers to instruct downline distributors on use of the system with their own promotions.

6. Facilitate Brainstorming
Brainstorming sessions among multi-level marketing partners are more convenient to organize. Conference calls are perfect for brainstorming, which for the network marketer is an opportunity to train second-level marketers to be more effective, while at the same time encouraging and strengthening commitment to the campaign.

In the final equation, conference calling is well suited to the MLM model, and in the hands of a knowledgeable and inventive marketer, phone conferencing can be a very effective tool.

Grow Your Network Marketing Business - Six Ways to Leverage Conference Calling

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Options of Cheap International Calling

The World has become a much smaller place in the last decade. The isolation is fast fading as advances in communication have made it possible to talk to people on the other side of the globe without a great deal of expense. The internet is the main driving force behind this trend. The ability to communicate with people by means of written messages or chat rooms on the internet has led to a desire to speak to people on the telephone also. There has always been a need for international calls for business purposes, but now personal reasons have become important as well.

The telephone industry has been forced to deal with the cost issue of international calls. The introduction and wide spread use of VoIP phone service has been the reason. VoIP stands for "voice over internet provider", and it converts the analog phone signal to a data signal for transmission. Several companies are now offering international calling for a low per minute rate. VolP phone service has some advantages over conventional phone service. Since you are using your computer as your phone receiver, you can receive calls anywhere you happen to be as long as you can connect to the internet. However, this is also one of the disadvantages because the phone service is dependent on the reliability of your internet provider, and subject to such things as power outages that impact the internet. Despite this, there are many who predict that VolP phone service will eventually replace the old fashion analog phone providers.

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Another option is the prepaid phone card. There are many of these cards available and they are very competitive in their pricing and in their extra services. It is a good idea to shop around a bit when considering a prepaid phone card because of this wide price range. Many of the cards are easily rechargeable and some do not even require the use of a pin number. Prepaid phone cards are certainly a safer way to make international calls. You do not have to worry about running up excessive charges.

The established phone companies are feeling the competition, and have responded with International phone call plans that allow lower rates to most countries. It most cases a small monthly fee is paid to join the plan and qualify for the reduced charges. International calls are no longer the expensive luxury that they once were, and each passing day brings the expense down even further.

Options of Cheap International Calling

Monday, September 26, 2011

Consumers' Best Seller - Prepaid Calling Cards

Mobile phones are now a necessity now days, if you will be just very observant in your surroundings and try to look around and observe the people around you; you will see almost every person has its own mobile phones. Along with that, a lot of the telecommunication companies promote different kinds of offers just to provide such demand to the public. And of course this will be good news for the entire subscriber out there, because they will be given a lot of options that will help them in their communication needs.

If you are a wise consumer, you will be careful in choosing the right carrier. By merely checking the offers and the services offered it would be easy for you to decide which company to rely on.

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There are things you need to consider in choosing a carrier. First thing is to check the coverage area of the carrier; coverage area will determine the quality service that a company can provide to their subscribers. Second is the rate offered, usually this is the main catch to have a lot of subscriber. By offering the least price along with good coverage area surely you will immediately select that company.

But for people who are really wise enough in making decision with regard to communication needs, one good and effective choice is using prepaid calling cards. It is much cheaper and mostly masses of subscriber can afford these prepaid calling cards.

And of course with this kind of service there are a lot of companies offer such services. You can choose from various companies that offer prepaid calling cards with different offers and promises. One great convenience in using this card is keeping you away from worrying monthly bills. You don't need to pay for monthly charges using a prepaid calling cards, all you need to do is purchase a card and consume all the minutes on the card and after spending all the minutes that is the time to purchase a new card.

It is up to you on how you will budget the minute on your card, unlike with post paid you don't have the control on the usage that is why sometimes you have a high amount on your monthly phone bills. Using a prepaid card you can control the usage on the minutes and avoid having long calls.

Prepaid calling cards are very convenient for people who are always on the go; you can buy prepaid calling cards almost everywhere. This is also good for parents so they can always check on their children even if they are away apart.

Just take note of the expiration date in using the card. Almost of the prepaid cards has its expiration date. If in case that you haven't consume the minutes on the card, the minutes will not be rolled over on you next purchase of the card. So it is better to purchase a prepaid calling card that has enough minute for a month.

Eliza Maledevic Ayson

Consumers' Best Seller - Prepaid Calling Cards