Saturday, September 24, 2011

Using a Scripted Call to Facilitate a Successful Conference Meeting

One of the most overlooked ways of using conference calls is the use of scripted call.

Scripted conference call allows you to take charge of the meeting, while tactically setting yourself up as an expert. It positions you as the knowledgeable as long as you generate enough content for audience to feel that they should know more about the subject. The important thing to keep in mind is that you should never be exclusively bound to the script so that you keep your momentum during a call.

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When attempting to conduct a scripted call, you should prepare the script well in advance. When you attempt to read from the script and speak in a recorded call without first practicing, you will sound unnatural and your audience can detect that you are merely reading from script. The only way to overcome is by practicing what you want to say in advance and repeat it before holding a conference call.

Practicing the script allows the conference presenter to speak with confidence and present the message clearly. When used effectively, the script adds dynamics to your message.

After recording the call, you may give away the content in MP3 format and upload them on your website to allow your audience to download, perhaps through exchanging their contact information.

To prepare a script, here are tips you should keep in mind.

Use conversational tone. You are not going to write, but speak in a conference meeting. You should prepare the script according to how you normally speak. Know how many words you speak in a minute. Normally, you should speak approximately 100 words per minute. If you use Microsoft Word double spaced to write script, that is about 300 words and 3 minutes of your speaking time. If you plan to speak for 30 minutes, prepare at least 10 pages of script and practice!

Using a Scripted Call to Facilitate a Successful Conference Meeting

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